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Creating and sustaining a successful clinical practice requires not only training and experience but also a commitment to ongoing education and access to the know-how and observations of fellow practitioners. Read testimonials from some of our practitioners about how our products and services have helped their patients and practice. Feel free to post your own testimonial by selecting, "Post a Testimonial".

Maria Mandarino, LAc

Sun City, AZ

Recently Health Concerns introduced StemCell™, a clinically tested formula comprised of Vitamin D3, Spirulina algae, Blueberry fruit extract, Royal Jelly (enzyme treated), Fucoidan, Green Tea leaf extract and L-Carnosine. This formula is useful in the treatment of patients with chronic pain, neurodegenerative conditions, and diabetes. Here are results from one practitioner. 

Case 1: An elderly and obese patient with chronic hip pain, who I've been maintaining for two years with acupuncture and bodywork. Has walked with a cane since I began working with her. This past fall, she came in with a walker because she had a sudden increase in hip pain. She began taking the formula [StemCell] and within a week, pain was decreased. I was able to get further with the bodywork and could appreciate a difference in skin and muscle tone. Following week, the walker was gone, and she was back to her cane. Pain scale decreased to less than where we had been maintaining her for two years. This patient had also had Stem Cells implanted about 20 months ago and had had a good result, but she did not keep the results much longer than 4 months as she is not compliant with lifestyle and diet. She has been faithful to StemCell (formula) though. And she has noted some of the same effects she noted when she had the implanted stem cells: improved skin elasticity, increased energy, improved mobility. The elasticity was gradual... first her forearm. Then another week, her wrist. Then another week the dorsum of her hand. So, it has been incremental. She is now on her third bottle. She is also doing her exercises daily now because she has greater mobility. Thus, she has also lost about 10 pounds. 

Case 2: Another patient bought a bottle for her husband who has had idiopathic neuropathy in his feet for at least 10 years. The husband is not a patient here. He began taking the formula and in two weeks reported a decrease in his neuropathy. He remained on the formula and has seen further improvement and so he has just purchased a second bottle. He has had no other treatment of any kind, just the formula. 

Case 3: Type 2 diabetes patient who is obese and suffers from FMS pain, also experiencing a decrease in FMS pain. She also reports her glucose is more stable on the formula. She is on her third bottle. 

Case 4: Chronic pain patient with inflammation and also Type 2 diabetes and obesity has reported improvement in pain levels. Nothing I have done to this point has helped her more than a few days, until she began StemCell formula. This patient also has poor compliance with dietary and lifestyle recommendations, and still has seen decrease in her pain on the supplement. 


  • One patient reported increased constipation. She reports the same with almost all herbs and supplements she's been given and is a highly sensitive patient. She is the only one with an adverse effect. 
  • Almost all patients report an increase in energy. Most of them are not regular about treatment or lifestyle/diet. 
  • Some (also not on the schedule here regularly) have taken it only for greater health/support and they too have noted increased energy. 

Additional comments: Overall, impressive. My clinic is in a 55+ community and I do not do much with herbs and supplements because so many are on medications. Pain and neuropathy are common complaints here and there is little I can comfortably offer patients because of drug-herb interactions. StemCell has been an exciting supplement for us! ~ Maria Mandarino, LAc

Richard Wisemen , L.Ac.

Angels Camp, California

I am honored to be an Acupuncture Physician entrusted with the health of my patients.  Using the tools of my training, I serve these individuals with care.  My favorite and most recommended supplements are Health Concerns.  This appreciation began while pursuing the healing arts to help family members with multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease and cancer.  The Health Concerns catalog contains a wealth of formulas.  I love the Herbal Helpline®, which I rely on for questions and recommendations.  I use the Clinical Handbook often for research and I share the Pocket Reference Guide with colleagues and patients.  I enjoy and learn from the webinar series as Andrew shares information and herbal updates.  Health Concerns high standards of formulations, packaging and support enable practitioners to help patients improve their wellbeing. 

Kathleen Cutter, L.Ac.

San Rafael, California

I have a patient who is a performer that has come to see me monthly since 2002 for chronic debilitating sinus infections, digestive issues, and menstrual issues.  She swears that my acupuncture keeps her on stage singing and dancing, but I give more credit to the Health Concerns formulas that I give her.  Her multiple sensitivities maker her diet and herbal intake a potential minefield, but I alter her Health Concerns formulas and dosages with confidence as I know that they have no contaminants or herbal substitutions.  This patient encapsulates why I use Health Concerns: proven effectiveness.

Elizabeth Schoultz, L.Ac.

New York, New York

I’ve used Health Concerns from the beginning of my practice over twenty years ago!  Detailed help is a phone call away and their Clinical Handbook is super supportive for putting theory into practical application in my office.  Clean sources of ingredients and effective modifications of traditional formulas has kept me using the Health Concerns brand. 

Armando Ramos, ND

Tecate, California

Since I started using Health Concerns formulas, I have been impacted by the results I have started getting.  It’s hard to believe how fast my favorite formulas, like Calm Spirit, work, much faster than other formulas that I have used before.  I love Health Concerns formulas!

Lauren Sugarman, L.Ac

St. Helena, California

I have used Health Concerns formulas to heal my right axillary nerve over the past 7 months.  Usually this takes up to 2 years, but with the help of Health Concerns formulas Marrow Plus and Channel Flow, I was able to heal much faster.  The pain has decreased significantly to almost none from where I began in the ER.  I slowly weaned myself off much needed prescription pain killers being aware of the dangers of addiction.  Along with regular acupuncture and physical therapy, I am 95% healed.  The Health Concerns formulas used together were very powerful and I could feel my body transition from a draining state to a building state with the help of these herbs.

Brian Green, L.Ac

San Leandro, California

I offer Health Concerns herbal formulas as an additional option or choice for my patients.  The availability of tablets combined with patient preference has improved patient follow through.  So many of the individuals I am working with are severely impacted by inflammation and pain.  I really like the Resinall products as both products are dynamic in their ability to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and improve healing.  

Donna Good , RN, L.Ac.

Lake Mary, Florida

As a nurse of 20 years that just graduated from an acupuncture program, I have come to appreciate Health Concerns and their products more than any other company or product line we were exposed to during our training.  Professionally, I appreciate the presentation and format of the product information.  As for myself, the use of western terms and explanations that are used as opposed to the more traditional TCM terminologies, make the integration of Chinese herbs more credible in a Western medicine setting. 

D. Renee Wilson, ND

Hood River, Oregon

I really appreciate the quality of education you offer and that it is offered via webinar, saving hours of time it would take to drive to a location for a class.

I also appreciate your product quality and the conscientiousness of your company as well as product effectiveness when used correctly.  I am just learning the Chinese medical philosophies and how to decide what product to use, so the education is essential.

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