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We are thrilled to offer you our latest Veterinary Practitioner Product Guide. The accompanying information and materials represent a collaborative effort between Health Concerns Founder and President, Andrew Gaeddert, and our long time contributor and customer, Nancy Scanlan, DVM.*

The Veterinary Professional Product Guide offers useful information to veterinarians who want to incorporate Health Concerns herbal formulas into their practices. While our products were not specifically designed for veterinary use, many of our formulas have been found to be helpful in treating a variety of animal conditions naturally, and effectively. In fact, veterinarians are among our fastest growing customer demographic.

Thanks to our work with Dr. Scanlan, you now have easy access to all the information necessary to effectively treat your animal patients with herbal formulas that “Combine Modern Research and Ancient Wisdom”. Remember that our Herbal Helpline® is always available to you as resource. Our herbalist is available to answer any questions regarding Health Concerns products, herbs, and treatment protocols, including veterinary applications of our products! Call the Herbal Helpline any time at (800) 233‐9355 ext. 105. or email us at [email protected]. It’s our mission to help you be successful in your practice.

You can download the following materials from each link below, which are included in our Veterinary Product Guide:

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