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List of Formulas with Animal Ingredients

Approximately 90 percent of our products are vegetarian, and we do not use animal ingredients as part of the encapsulation / tableting process.  Animal products are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and are historically part of western naturopathic medicine. 

  • Adrenosen™ (bovine)
  • Collagenex 2™ (eggshells only)
  • Colostroplex™ (animal is not harmed; has trace amounts of milk)
  • Ease Plus™ (Calcium Carbonate [fossilized mammal bone]), oyster extract)
  • EPAQ™ (sustainable krill; bovine gelatin)
  • Gastrodia Relieve Wind™ (abalone shell)
  • Isatis Cooling™ (oyster extract)
  • Maternal Herbal™ (deer antler velvet)
  • OsteoHerbal™ (deer antler)
  • Resinall E™ (Chymotrypsin and trypsin)
  • Virility Caps™ (deer antler velvet)

    The rest of the ingredients are herbal. 

Encapsulated formulas contain a small amount of rice bran to help the ingredient flow into the capsule and Hypromellose, vegetable cellulose, capsule.

Tableted formulas contain a small amount of cellulose and acacia gum, which are used to bind tablets, magnesium stearate (plant based) is used to aid the tableting process.

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