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List of Formulas with Animal Ingredients

Approximately 90 percent of our products are vegetarian, and we do not use animal ingredients as part of the encapsulation process.  Animal products are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and are historically part of Western naturopathic medicine. 

  • Adrenosen™ (bovine)
  • Collagenex 2™ (eggshells only)
  • Colostroplex™ (contains dairy)
  • Ease Plus™ (Calcium Carbonate [fossilized bone]), oyster extract)
  • EPAQ™ (sustainable krill; bovine gelatin)
  • Gastrodia Relieve Wind™ (oyster extract)
  • Isatis Cooling™ (oyster extract)
  • Maternal Herbal™ (deer antler velvet)
  • OsteoHerbal™ (deer antler velvet)
  • Resinall E™ (Chymotrypsin and trypsin)
  • Virility Caps™ (deer antler velvet)

Collagenex 2 and Colostroplex are generally thought of as vegetarian but not vegan, as they contain eggs (Collagenex 2), dairy (Colostroplex). 

Maternal Herbal, OsteoHerbal, and Virility Caps are considered vegetarian but not vegan, as the antler velvet sheds naturally and is collected.

The products not listed here are generally thought of as vegan, as they do not contain animal ingredients.

Encapsulated formulas contain a small amount of rice bran to help the ingredient flow into the capsule and Hypromellose, vegetable cellulose, capsule.

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