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Treating Osteoarthritis with Herbs and Nutrition (4 PDA)

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Osteoarthritis the most common type of arthritis, with over twenty-five million people affected. Most patients have joint pain and movement limitations. Although it is more common in older people, younger people can develop osteoarthritis as a result of injury, joint malformation or genetic defect in the cartilage. As the population ages, the number of people affected will grow. In this information packed workshop, we review the treatment of Osteoarthritis, both from the conventional, as well as the integrative approach. We will discuss the use of glucosamine, SAMe, type 2 collagen, sea cucumber, food therapy and Chinese herbs that reduce pain and inflammation. Finally, we will examine topical therapies such as capsaicin, menthol, methyl salicylate that are recommended by herbalists and pharmacologists. Class download includes 1 year access to:

  • recorded class
  • class reading material
  • class evaluation
  • NCCAOM worksheet

4 NCCAOM PDA Points approved. Completed test and course evaluation required from participants in order to receive the Continuing Education Units/Points.

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