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Pinyin Reference Guide

Wen Dan Tang

Health Concerns: Clear Phlegm (M)
Also known as: Bamboo and Hoelen Formula 

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Wan Du Hua Yu Tang

Health Concerns: Backbone (M) 
Also known as: Warming and Dissolving Blood Stasis 

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Tong Jing Wan

Health Concerns: Cramp Bark Plus (M) 
Also known as: Cinnamon and Persica, Combination Plus, Achyranthes Combination 

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Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin

Health Concerns: Gastrodia Relieve Wind (M) 
Also known as: Gastrodia and Uncaria Decoction (Bensky)

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Si Jun Zi Tang

Health Concerns: Six Gentlemen (M)
Also known as: Modified Four Gentlemen Decoction

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Shu Jing Huo Xue Tang

Health Concerns: Mobility 2 (M) 
Also known as: Clematis and Stephania Formula; Relax the Channels and Invigorates the Blood Decoction (Bensky)

Tips on Using Herbal Formulas

Should I be concerned about the absorption of herbal capsules?

The Health Concerns formulas are tested for dissolution to ensure that they break down adequately in the stomach; many Chinese herbal products are not tested in this fashion. In cases of individuals with very weak digestive systems, it’s best to open the capsules and add hot water to make tea.

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Shen Qi Wan

Health Concerns: Rehmannia 8 (M)
Also known as: Golden Book Kidney Formula; Shen Qi Wan 

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Shen Ling Bai Zhu Wan

Health Concerns: Shen Ling (M)
Also known as: Shen Ling, Ginseng Poria, and Atractylodes Powder

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Sheng Qi Shi Zang

Health Concerns: Source Qi (M)

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Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang

Health Concerns: SPZM (M)

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Ren Shen Ge Jie San

Health Concerns: Ginseng and Rhodiola (M) 
Also known as: Ginseng and Gecko Powder (Bensky) 


RE: Deer Antler in Maternal Herbal. Does antler come from a deer that was killed or was naturally shed?

Naturally shed.

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Qing Xin Lian Zi Yin

Health Concerns: Clearing (M) 
Also known as: Modified Heart Clearing; Lotus Seed Tablets 

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Qing Bi Tang

Health Concerns: Nasal Caps 2 (M) 
Also known as: Pueraria Nasal Combination 

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Qi Li San

Health Concerns: Resinall K (M) 
Also known as: Seven-Thousandths of a Tael Powder (Bensky) 

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Ping Wei San

Health Concerns: Stomach Caps (M) 
Also known as: Magnolia and Ginger; Calm the Stomach Powder (Modified) (Bensky)


Patient has had stomach stapled, will herbs absorb into stomach or intestine?

Mostly into intestine, some stomach. Also, you can still use herbs: 1) reduce dosage and 2) open the capsules to make as tea. 


My patients can get herbs at the drugstore or supermarket (at a low price). Why pay more for Health Concerns formulas?

While low in price, many of the discount herbs contain only one herb. A well designed formula will work better than a single herb every time. Furthermore many of the discount herbs use incorrect parts of the plant. Finally, the potency per capsule/tablet is very low. Health Concerns relies on either time proven combinations or modern formulas created by experienced herbalists. By specializing in herbs we can make sure the correct part of the plant and species is being used. By using a well-crafted formula your patients can increase effectiveness and minimize negative effects. Maximum potency helps achieve a therapeutic as opposed to supplemental effect.


My doctor says I'm not lactose intolerant, but every time I drink milk or eat ice cream I experience cramping or diarrhea. If I do stop eating dairy foods, how do I maintain adequate calcium intake?

Although you may not be intolerant to lactose, you may be intolerant to one or more of the other constituents in milk. Therefore it may be prudent to stop all dairy products. To assure adequate calcium intake, consider taking a calcium supplement, preferably in absorbable form such as citrate or aspartate. If you want to use magnesium to aid in the absorption of calcium, take half as much magnesium as calcium; if you suffer from stress, hypertension, or constipation, take equal amounts of calcium and magnesium. Start out at a reduced dosage and slowly increase. If you have problems with one brand or form of calcium, try another. Additional cofactors which may help bone density are zinc, copper, manganese, vitamin K, boron, and folic acid. Foods rich in calcium include soy products (if you can tolerate them), turnip greens, kale, black-eyed peas, sesame seeds, okra, bok choy, figs, dried apricots, almonds, broccoli, and amaranth.

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Long Dan Xie Gan Wan

Health Concerns: Coptis Purge Fire (M)
Also known as: Coptis and Scute Formula Tang and Gentiana Formula; (Modified) (Bensky) 

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Liu Wei Di Huang Wan

Health Concerns: Nine Flavor Tea (M)
Also known as: Rehmannia 6

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Jiu Wei Qiang Huo Tang

Health Concerns: Head Q (M) 
Also known as: Chiang Huo Formula; Nine-Herb Decoction with Notopterygium (Modified)

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Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan

Health Concerns: Rehmannia 8 (M) 
Also known as: Golden Kidney Formula 

Tips on Using Herbal Formulas

Is it OK to take your products with other herbs or supplements?

In general it's fine to take our products with supplements. It is best not to take too many herbs at one time. Unless directed by an herbalist, it is best to take one herbal product at a time.

Items 151 - 175 of 203

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