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If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of our products, we recommend that you seek the advice of a licensed healthcare professional. If you cannot find a licensed practitioner in your area who is familiar with Chinese herbs, consult our Find A Practitioner page. Health Concerns cannot make recommendations regarding specific cases.


How should children's digestive conditions be addressed?

Children who can adopt dietary changes often make rapid progress. The child and family must make the choice of whether to undertake dietary changes or to stay on medications. Health Concerns was once consulted by the family of a ten-year-old boy with Crohn's disease. The proposed biomedical solution was to have the child take prednisone and other immunosuppressive drugs long-term. Andrew Gaeddert indicated that unless the boy could commit to avoiding dairy and tomato products, he would need to remain on these medications. Ongoing counseling, either family therapy or spiritual counseling, as well as extracurricular activities and exercise were also recommended to help improve the child’s overall health.


Which digestive conditions are more difficult to treat?

Generally congenital diseases (conditions that run families) prove harder to treat than acquired ones. Therefore, the sooner you visit a holistic practitioner after your symptoms appear, the better the prognosis.

My doctor says I'm not lactose intolerant, but every time I drink milk or eat ice cream I experience cramping or diarrhea. If I do stop eating dairy foods, how do I maintain adequate calcium intake?

Although you may not be intolerant to lactose, you may be intolerant to one or more of the other constituents in milk. Therefore it may be prudent to stop all dairy products. To assure adequate calcium intake, consider taking a calcium supplement, preferably in absorbable form such as citrate or aspartate. If you want to use magnesium to aid in the absorption of calcium, take half as much magnesium as calcium; if you suffer from stress, hypertension, or constipation, take equal amounts of calcium and magnesium. Start out at a reduced dosage and slowly increase. If you have problems with one brand or form of calcium, try another. Additional cofactors which may help bone density are zinc, copper, manganese, vitamin K, boron, and folic acid. Foods rich in calcium include soy products (if you can tolerate them), turnip greens, kale, black-eyed peas, sesame seeds, okra, bok choy, figs, dried apricots, almonds, broccoli, and amaranth.

What do you mean by dairy products?

Dairy products include milk, cream, cheese, butter, and ice cream. Yogurt is also a dairy product, however homemade yogurt or brands which have acidophilus and probiotics ("live cultures") are frequently the most easily tolerated.

What are the drawbacks of bread?

Many types of bread contain wheat, which is a common allergen, and yeast, to which many persons are sensitive. Bread is often associated with unhealthy foods. For example, butter, mayonnaise and margarine are usually spread on bread. The first two contain excessive fat, and margarine contains trans fatty acids which should not be consumed at all. Additionally, bread is ordinarily used to make sandwiches which contain foods like cheese and luncheon meat. These are high in fat, salt, preservatives, and additives. To avoid these unhealthy foods, substitute crackers or muffins that are wheat-free for bread, and use meat that you cooked from scratch instead of luncheon meat. This is much healthier, more delicious and easier to digest than cheese and luncheon meat.

Herbs and your Doctor

I have a patient who is very involved in her own health. She only wants to use products with documented proven results. (Doctor needs to see studies using your products with steroids)

For many patients, it helps to show them a case study in my book, Chinese Herbs in the Western Clinic. I encourage many of my own clients to go online and do their own research. It would be nice if we could document everything but my experience there is little hope for someone who isn't convinced of the thousands of years of herb usage. It is important to notice that many if not most western medical procedures are used based on anecdotal findings, not actually well designed studies.

47 year old female using blood moving and tonifying herbs at various times. She's going in for a lumpectomy in breast for a benign cyst. She'll be off herbs for one week prior. How soon after surgery would it be okay to resume prescription?

Depends upon the prescription; i.e., what product, how administered.

My patient, who was using Astra 8 and Astra Essence, had to stop taking blood pressure medicine because it lowered it significantly. Is this effective for future high blood pressure patients?

I have heard they will but blood pressure can depend upon many things. I would suggest that he read Chinese Herbs in the Western Clinic for a complete breakdown of blood pressure in terms of TCM.

Patient with bipolar taking Wellbutrin. Any herbs he can use in conjunction with this drug?

I would consider Calm Spirit if he is more anxiety prone or Aspiration if more depression prone. The two can be combined. It may be a good idea to talk to his psychiatrist about adding the herbs. If the client is stable and wants to use herbs it's a good thing but really work with the psychiatrist about withdrawing the Wellbutrin.


Why are there so many herbs in your products?

Herbs are best taken in combination to boost effectiveness, and to reduce possible negative reactions.

Which herb is the active one and which one is the filler?

Health Concerns does not use fillers. Every formula is carefully designed according to the traditions of Chinese medicine and modern biochemistry.

What studies of your supplements and ingredients have been done to provide the consumer with evidence of their safety and effectiveness?

Health Concerns formulas have been developed with attention to herbal traditions and modern scientific research. It may not be possible in every case to list scientific citations. However, these sources may help you understand more about herbs and Chinese medicine. For herbs in general, a good overview is The Encyclopedia of Popular Herbs, by the Herb Research Foundation. Chinese Herbs in the Western Clinic was written by Health Concerns founder Andrew Gaeddert to provide information about using herbs for modern patients. For those wishing to know more about traditional Chinese herbs, we recommend Chinese Herbal Medicine, Materia Medica by Bensky and Gamble.

Herbs are rarely researched in the same fashion as drugs. This is due to a variety of reasons:

  • Herbs have been used empirically for generations; some would argue that this is more scientific than some of the new drug studies
  • Governments, universities, and drug companies are not willing to fund research
  • It should be understood that herbs are meant to be used along with changes in diet and lifestyle that are more health-promoting. Studies that compare herbs, diet and lifestyle can be criticized because it is hard to determine whether it was the herbs, diet, or lifestyle changes that contributed to the results

Does the vegetable-based tablet coating that Health Concerns uses contain either glycerin or silica?

The coating contains neither glycerin or silica.

Are there any corn ingredients in the Health Concerns products?

There are no corn ingredients

Interaction / Contraindications

Are there interactions with the drugs I am taking?

Health Concerns herbs and formulas have been selected for their safety; it is extremely rare to have bad results due to taking Health Concerns formulas with drugs. However, we do recommend taking herbs and pharmaceuticals at least two hours apart. Begin taking herbs at a reduced dosage, and slowly increase over the next two to three weeks. The more medications you are on, the more we suggest seeing a health professional to monitor herb usage.

Why does something that I tried in the past no longer work?

Our bodies are constantly changing, as is our health. Our health is dependent on stages of illness, stress load, climate, and diet. Therefore, these changes can affect the efficacy of whatever therapy we are using. In addition to the fluctuations of our body and environment, our bodies become accustomed to medications and supplements, including herbs that we take. This is why traditional herbalists frequently modify the herbal formula that a patient is taking. With the help of a practitioner, you can explore ways to change your life so that you can be symptom-free.

Aren't Chinese herbs better for Chinese and Western herbs better for Westerners?

Not necessarily. In the U.S. alone, millions have used traditional Chinese healing methods, including herbs and acupuncture, with satisfaction. Chinese herbology is more complex and difficult to learn; for practitioners to apply it successfully, they must learn an entire healing system. Therefore, it is not suitable for self-treatment. Western herbology, on the other hand, is not quite so involved, and can be used for self-treatment.


Which Health Concerns formulas use concentrates?

All of the formulas in the Health Concerns product lines (Chinese Energetic Formulas, and the Chinese Traditional Formulas) use concentrates.

What percentage of the tablets is fiber from herbs?

Herbal fiber comprises no more than 5% of the tablets.

What would be the herbal protocol for Lyme disease? And, are the enzymes in Chzyme vegetarian?

There is a whole section in Chinese Herbs in the Western Clinic. Yes, the enzymes in Chzyme are vegetarian. 

Middle aged women with a history of major depression, anxiety disorder. She is taking anti-depressants. Three months ago she was diagnosed with leukemia (AML): going through chemo, may have to have bone marrow, what would you recommend to give her?

I recommend Marrow Plus 3 tablets TID, and you might also consider Coriolus PS 3 tablets TID.

Patient has had stomach stapled, will herbs absorb into stomach or intestine?

Mostly into intestine, some stomach. Also, you can still use herbs: 1) reduce dosage and 2) chew tabs or grind them and make as tea. 

Patient is using magnets. They seem to cause bruising?

I have not seen this with the magnets we sell. It may indicate using them too long. For therapeutic purpose, usually 1 - 8 hours per day is enough. Perhaps the client is using them beyond this time. Note: some patients are sensitive and I recommend using magnets every other day. 

Any formula suggestions for jet lag?

Adrenosen can be used for a temporary lift. Schizandra Dreams can be used to induce sleep. Quiet Digestion is for poor digestion. 

Woman, 58 has shingles, the rash is 60-70% resolved, she has been left with stabbing pain. Pulse wiry, fast, spleen slippery? What do you recommend?

Resinall K, topically and internally. Use Astra Isatis long term, and Coptis Purge Fire short term. 

My patient has gluten intolerance (Coeliakie), what do you recommend?

I recommend Adrenosen, and Astra 8.

What do you recommend for cholesterol and osteo screening, and PSA for men?

For cholesterol use Astra Garlic, for osteo use OsteoHerbal and for PSA use Essence Chamber. 

Woman taking Calm Spirit and Astra Essence for 3 months. Feels good while taking, but when she cuts back or stops, feels anxious and tired again. Can they be taken long term? How long before they correct problem and she can stop taking them altogether?

It is hard to say because I don't know the patient. However, Astra Essence and Calm Spirit can safely be taken for several years. 

Patient with Epilepsy wants to use Ease Plus and Ease 2 but concerned about using with dilantin.

Take herbs 2 hours apart from drugs. Start out with low dosage, 1 tablet of each TID to 2 tablets of each TID/QID for 2 to 3 weeks. This combo of herbs and drugs has been used before. The main thing to look for is excessive drowsiness. 

Woman came in who has been electrocuted. Parts of her brain were burned, her teeth fell out, hair turned white. A specialist in this type of problem told her she would lose her legs if she didn't massage every day. Any suggestions?

It would be even better to massage with hot oil (4-6 parts) and 1 part Resinall K, 1-2 times a day. This is also used if numbness is present. Second, I would consider AC-Q, 2-3 tablets TID/QID. If she seems very weak, add Astra Essence. If not so weak, add Resinall K orally for one month, then Astra Essence. If signs of phlegm (drooling, mucous etc.), add low dosage of Clear Phlegm. 

Patient with Alopecia, you suggested Astra Essence and patient now doing well. She also has Raynaud's disease, numbness in fingers, would Astra Essence good for this or something else?

I would keep her on Astra Essence and add Cordyceps PS QID. For Raynaud's you should see results in 30 days, if not, and alternative formula is Flavonex. 

35 year old male, poor mental focus, unable to learn and read. Any suggestions?

Shen-Gem long term 3 tablets TID/QID, you can add Schizandra Dreams before bed for insomnia, add Shen Ling or Drain Dampness if a lot of dampness. The last two mentioned are for short term. 

How do you recommend treating dizziness?

It is best to first decide if the person has sign of excess or deficiency or a combination of both. Typically older people tend to be more deficiency, whereas younger people tend to have more excess signs. Other good indicator is people with deficiency will often find movement such as getting out of chair makes the dizziness worse, whereas people that are always dizzy tend to be more excess. In general if someone has dizziness of the excess type can be satisfactorily treated with Clear Phlegm. For the deficiency individual you want to look at the following symptom patterns: blood deficiency, kidney deficiency, and internal wind. Blood deficiency types tend to be anemic have pallor and fatigue. They are best treated with Marrow Plus (or Eight Treasures especially if individual has a weak digestion). Kidney deficiency is often characterized by low back soreness or weakness. A general kidney tonic is Astra Essence, however for an individual with both blood and kidney deficiency consider Backbone with Marrow Plus. Finally, if the individual has had a stroke, (tinnitus?), high blood pressure may have internal wind pattern. In the case Gastrodia Relieve Wind is an appropriate remedy. As the etiology of internal wind is often deficiency fluid, consider adding Astra Essence to Gastrodia Relieve Wind. (Case study: Mike's patient - Source Qi, Stomach Tabs, Clear Phlegm, labyrinthitis - the formulas mentioned are not appropriate for dizziness, cold, flu or true heat pattern).

My patients can get herbs at the drugstore or supermarket (at a low price). Why pay more for Health Concerns formulas?

While low in price, many of the discount herbs contain only one herb. A well designed formula will work better than a single herb every time. Furthermore many of the discount herbs use incorrect parts of the plant. Finally, the potency per tablet is very low. Health Concerns relies on either time proven combinations or modern formulas created by experienced herbalists. Our herb selection team is headed by Dr. Fung Fung who has over 60 years of experience. By specializing in herbs we can make sure the correct part of the plant and species is being used. By using a well-crafted formula your patients can increase effectiveness and minimize negative effects. Maximum potency helps achieve a therapeutic as opposed to supplemental effect.

What is the zinc content in Astra C? Any warning regarding the long term consumption of Astra C?

10 mg. of zinc per tablet. It's a small amount of zinc citrate, which is very absorbable. If you want you could get your zinc/copper levels tested; but, it's usually not a concern.

Do you have information regarding side effects of SAMe and Griffonex 5-HTP?

SAMe may cause GI, i.e. diarrhea, cramping, but is not that common. Griffonex 5-HTP, if you take too much you can get too sedated. GI side effects may happen, however, this is extremely rare.

Does Health Concerns carry Shou Wu Pian (Radix polygoni multiflora) or something similar that doesn't contain unnecessary additives, such as food coloring?

We recommend Astra Essence. Astra Essence contains He Shou Wu plus supportive herbs.

What type of treatments do you suggest for Malaria?

Western drugs are very important. Other than that, add Artestatin 2-3 tablets TID for detox. Add Ecliptex 2-3 tablets TID, to help the liver.

Patient with strep throat. Is Coptis Purge Fire the only formula the patient will need, or are antibiotics advisable?

It is a tough call. If the person is ok with antibiotics, it might be the easiest thing. If they don't want you can try Coptis Purge Fire, 3 tablets, 4-6 times daily. If no results in 3 days, go for the antibiotics.

Any insight on comparing and contrasting Lily Bulb and Wise Judge?

These formulas are based on same traditional formula. Wise Judge might be a tiny bit more heat clearing. For more heat clearing and lung yin deficiency use Tremella & American Ginseng.

What is a good Health Concerns formula for thyroid/ glandular functions? Looking for good alternative to iodine.

Adrenosen and Clear Heat are good for adrenals. In terms of thyroid Adrenosen probably helps low thyroid. Rehmannia 8 is good for low thyroid. Nine Flavor Tea alone or with Clear Heat or Calm Spirit depending upon signs/symptoms.

How should herbs be stored - in refrigerator or a cabinet?

In general store the herbs we carry in a kitchen or bathroom cabinet, i.e. preferably dark, dry, normal temperature. Do not store herbs in the refrigerator, they can attract moisture.

A customer bought Adrenosen with wild yam and now has adrenal, why change and what is the difference?

It is stronger, more of a proven adrenal tonic. 

Practitioner wants to prescribe Xanthium Relieve Surface to a child - do we have in liquid? How do we administer tabs to a child?

We do not have Xanthium Relieve Surface in a liquid but you can crush tabs (or in a coffee grinder) and add to hot water or grape juice. Or just chop into 2 - 4 pieces with a knife.

There is no gluten contained in the product you mentioned. Our factory occasionally uses malt enzymes and other malt products as they are traditionally used in herbal medicine in other products.

Patient who has extremely severe hot flashes. She is on Nine Flavor Tea and Coptis Purge Fire, how long before results?

It would take up to 3 weeks at regular dosage (2 tablets each QID or equivalent TID). However, you can double your dosage for fast results, reduce if stomach upset or diarrhea.

The label on our Astra Diet Tea gives different directions on when to use than Clear Heat? Which is correct?

Both are correct, however, the label on than Clear Heat is more thorough. When in doubt, follow the Clear Heat.

Review of patient: Woman very depressed, used Calm Spirit for 1 week and still depressed. Switched her to Aspiration. Tongue heat in heart area, white coat. Comments?

Not enough time, need to allow 3-4 weeks at full dosage. Use Aspiration if cold signs, depression. Calm Spirit use if yin deficiency/runs hot, anxiety. Combine Aspiration and Calm Spirit if mixed hot/cold signs, depression and anxiety.

Review of patient: Frozen shoulder, Resinall K working well, gave her acupuncture Tuesday and started Mobility 3, now today (Friday) she is very stiff, could Mobility 3 make shoulder worse?

No, but frozen shoulder is going to ebb and flow until it's gone. Keep taking Mobility 3 and Resinall K topically and internally).

Do your expiration dates mean we should not sell past the date, or that the product should not be eaten after the date?

Expiration dates are a general date. Beyond that date potency might be reduced. In general, it's safe to use herbs up to one year after expiration date but they should be consumed before expiration if possible.

RE: Deer Antler in Maternal Herbal. Does antler come from a deer that was killed or was naturally shed?

Naturally shed.

1. What makes it so that yeast die-off reactions are rare when using Phellostatin? What can a person do with candida as far as dietary changes are concerned? 2. What's the difference between Astra 8 and Astra Isatis? Which can you use longer? Which is a better immune booster/adrenal enhancer?

1. Because it is a complete formula not just one ingredient. As far as dietary considerations are concerned, no alcohol, dairy or sweets while using Phellostatin. There is more information in Healing Digestive Disorders by Andrew Gaeddert. 2. Astra 8 is generally used longer, slightly warmer, better adrenal enhancer. Astra Isatis is more anti-viral, neutral, better to detoxify.

RE: Ease Plus - There is concern about mercury content in calcium source and that the calcium is not easy to assimilate.

We test the herbs for mercury and it does not show up in terms of availability in TCM. It is the medicinal effect of the oyster shell and dragonbone (fossilized animal remains) that are used, not the calcium content per se. You don't take most herbs for their nutritional content but for their effects. It is better to take vitamins, minerals as a rule for nutritional effects.

What do you recommend for glucose support?

Astra Essence regulates blood sugar for many clients. For diabetes add Nine Flavor Tea. If yin deficiency, Flavonex. For poor circulation, Astra Diet Tea with dampness/sugar cravings.

69 year old woman, tremors on right side, hand, foot and leg. May be Parkinson's disease. Tremors worsen with excitement and sugar intake. Acupuncture helped briefly. Has some dampness. Patient claims she didn't have these symptoms before falling on her knee in '99. Cold, kidney deficiency, stresses easily.

Short term I would use Astra Essence and Mobility 3. When dampness is cleared, switch to Astra Essence and Calm Spirit or Shen-Gem.

48 year old man diagnosed with Meniere's disease about 1 year ago. He said it started after doctor cleaned his ears. Dizzy, loses balance, and has to take time off from work. Tongue dry, shriveled, cracked, no coat. He's hot most of the time.

Coptis Purge Fire if a lot of heat. If a lot of heat, use Coptis Purge Fire and Flavonex long term. Consider Flavonex and Nine Flavor Tea or Flavonex and Clearing.

What would you use for bladder spasms? SPZM?

In general, yes, however, might need to use both SPZM and Cramp Bark Plus especially if client has blood stagnation. If heat consider Unlocking and SPZM.

Do you know anything about anti-cancer Lin UFT tablets? (Shanghai Pharmaceutical Chinese Herb).

It is illegal and due to the poor quality control, who knows what's in it! I would avoid this herb. We have herbal substitutes but no "cancer cures".

Patient would like to use Great Yin. However, concerned with tortoise shell. Is tortoise used endangered? Also, doesn't like to use product with animal products as ingredient. Suggestions?

No, we use only cultivated species. I would recommend Nine Flavor Tea and Three Immortals as a substitute.

Woman with IBS is on Stomach Tabs and Quiet Digestion as needed. MD worried about licorice in Stomach Tabs and wants to give her electrolyte test. Comments?

Go ahead with the electrolyte test but typically our products have less than 5% licorice and this is not enough to raise high blood pressure or cause electrolyte imbalance. The MD's concerns have to do with much larger dosages of licorice over time.

I am looking for a tincture for asthma.

Consider Health Concerns' Ginseng & Gecko or Power Mushrooms long term, i.e. tabs are best to get larger dosage of herbs.

I am treating an older female patient who has had chronic sweating for years. She is yin and yang deficient. Great Yin sounds perfect but patient also suffers chronic diarrhea.

Although it may be okay later I would not use Great Yin at this time. I would use Source Qi 3-5 tablets TID. This will treat diarrhea and may help sweating. After a few weeks you could add Astra Essence or Great Yin. Astra Essence tonifies yin and yang and is easier to digest.

80 year old woman wants to gain weight, has been a problem for years, and has under active thyroid and on meds. She is sick all the time. Recommendation?

She needs to eat protein with each meal, if absorptions problems add Colostroplex long term. Consider a tonic such as ASTRA 8 (TCM spleen tonic); Astra Essence could work as well. She will probably need at least 9 tablets per day long term.

How important is it to take herbs between meals?

Essentially, you don’t want the herbs to compete with meals. Herbs assimilate into the body better on an empty stomach. If you need to take herbs with a light snack, that’s okay. If you forget to take the allergy herbs, go ahead and take them with your meal. The concern is, if you take the herbs on a full stomach, they are competing with food for absorption. You might have to take more, and taking 2 tablets on a empty stomach may be the equivalent of 3 tablets on a full stomach. It is more efficient to take the herbs between meals, typically between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner. If it doesn’t work for your patient’s lifestyle, it is usually okay to take with meals.

I have a young patient who has been using Chiroin™ for months now. This formula has resolved her symptoms almost completely. Recently, she bought another D-chiro-inositol product on the internet at a much lower price. She has been using this new brand for about 6 weeks and has seen similar, although not quite as impressive, results as the ones delivered by Chiroin™. She asked me if I could explain the price difference. Other than dosage, as one capsule is 90 mg, I could not. I have so many patients successfully using the product I do not want to switch but I feel I should have a thorough answer to the price question.

Chiroin™, (formerly Chirobalance), is a unique herbal extract providing benefits for patients with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), infertility, pre-diabetes, and diabetes. I frequently field questions from the Herbal Helpline® like this one that are seemingly simple inquiries. For example, with this issue the easy answer is that it is a math problem. The patient pays ½ of the price of Chiroin™ for a product that has 1/3 of the potency (90mgs compared to 300mgs). But there are so many other important differences that should be recognized: Quality of Product – Chiroin™ is a natural extract from the carob pod containing D-chiro-inositol. Many other D-chiro-inositol products, especially the less expensive ones, are chemically manufactured. This particular internet product also contained an additive that has many potential side effects. In addition, some product formulations can be obscured and difficult to identify such as myo-inositol being substituted for D-chiro-inositol. Therapeutic Dosage - Chiroin™ comes in a 300mg tablet because it requires this amount of active ingredient at the recommended dosage to be clinically effective. There is also the “loading dose” factor. That is, after taking Chiroin™ for months, the patient’s system has absorbed a sufficient amount of the D-chiro-inositol to resolve her symptoms. There would tend to be a carry-over effect of having a proper dosage even after switching to the lower dosage product. This, of course, might not last long. Professional Treatment Management – As a practitioner, you have years of experience and knowledge in assessing conditions, developing treatment protocols and recommending just the right formulas to help the patient. With every bottle of Health Concerns products, you can be confident of the results and can monitor and track your patient’s improvement. By substituting another brand, the patient has just significantly reduced your ability to treat them because you no longer can be certain of the results. Satisfaction Guarantee – Should any Health Concerns product not perform to expectations you can return the bottle for a full refund. While many internet sites advertise a refund policy, there are no guarantees that you will be able to get a timely or appropriate response because there is often no “person” available to handle your transaction. Furthermore, if a product question arises, it is unlikely that you can get any kind of substantive customer support. For example, what would happen if the patient above called the internet site and asked, “Is the D-chiro-inositol in your product a natural extract or chemically manufactured material?” In summary, treating with herbs is more complicated than is taught in schools. Health Concerns provides the finest formulas and extensive support materials. Clients should be advised to remain on Health Concerns products to achieve their desired results and that saving money by switching brands may ultimately prove to be more costly.


For any Health Concerns products is there a concentrate extract? If so, what is the ratio? Do you use powdered herbs?

Yes, there are concentrated extracts. The ratio varies from 3:1 to 50:1. We do not use powdered herbs. All herbs are water decocted. Some must be cooked for short periods to preserve the constituents; others are cooked for a longer period.


Why are Health Concerns products worth the extra money, compared with Chinese patent formulas?

First of all, if the Chinese patent formula does not have the name of a U.S. manufacturer or distributor on the label, the chances are good that it was not legally imported. Practitioners would assume liability risks if using a product that were not legal. Furthermore, as reported by the Food and Drug Branch of the California Department of Public Health, many illegally imported Chinese herbal products contain pharmaceutical drugs, artificial additives, and heavy metals such as lead or mercury. Health Concerns was the first company to formulate Chinese herbs in the U.S. for practitioners. Our products carry liability insurance and have been clinically tested for safety and purity.

Tips on Using Herbal Formulas

What is the best way to take herbs?

The best way to take herbs is on an empty stomach, between meals, when absorption is quicker and more direct. You can take herbs with meals, but they are absorbed less efficiently. As we tell clients in our clinic, it is best to take herbs on an empty stomach – but if you forget, it's better that you take them with meals than to not take them at all.

Is it OK to take your products with other herbs or supplements?

In general it's fine to take our products with supplements. It is best not to take too many herbs at one time. Unless directed by an herbalist, it is best to take one herbal product at a time.

Should I be concerned about the absorption of herbal tablets?

The Health Concerns formulas are tested for dissolution to ensure that they break down adequately in the stomach; many Chinese herbal products are not tested in this fashion. In cases of individuals with very weak digestive systems, it’s best to grind the tablets and add hot water to make tea.

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