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News & Product Updates

News & Product Updates

Check this section to see our latest news and product updates. 

For the current formula monographs, please refer to the formula pages listed here.

For formula changes made since the Clinical Handbook was published in 2019, click on the formula name below.

For formula change and updates, Health Concerns has focused on delivering the highest quality herbs to address the needs of patients. At times, we have had to re-evaluate and reformulate some of our products because either the key ingredient(s) available did not meet our standards or became difficult to obtain. 

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Many topics are covered in this archive of our past newsletters. These newsletters were prepared to address many of the conditions and protocols common to western clinical practices.  

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List of Formulas with Animal Ingredients

List of Formulas with Animal Ingredients

Approximately 90 percent of our products are vegetarian, and we do not use animal ingredients as part of the encapsulation process.  Animal products are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and are historically part of Western naturopathic medicine. 

  • Adrenosen™ (bovine)
  • Collagenex 2™ (eggshells only)
  • Colostroplex™ (contains dairy)
  • Ease Plus™ (Calcium Carbonate [fossilized bone]), oyster extract)
  • EPAQ™ (sustainable krill; bovine gelatin)
  • Gastrodia Relieve Wind™ (oyster extract)
  • Isatis Cooling™ (oyster extract)
  • Maternal Herbal™ (deer antler velvet)
  • OsteoHerbal™ (deer antler velvet)
  • Resinall E™ (Chymotrypsin and trypsin)
  • Virility Caps™ (deer antler velvet)

Collagenex 2 and Colostroplex are generally thought of as vegetarian but not vegan, as they contain eggs (Collagenex 2), dairy (Colostroplex). 

Maternal Herbal, OsteoHerbal, and Virility Caps are considered vegetarian but not vegan, as the antler velvet sheds naturally and is collected.

The products not listed here are generally thought of as vegan, as they do not contain animal ingredients.

Encapsulated formulas contain a small amount of rice bran to help the ingredient flow into the capsule and Hypromellose, vegetable cellulose, capsule.

REV: 2021.12

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Featured Announcements

Featured Announcements

A listing of monthly special offers, upcoming webinars and special events. 

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Continuing Education Classes

Continuing Education Classes



Health Concerns Continuing Education Courses will not be available after December 31, 2020. 

Please contact Health Concerns at (800) 233-9355 

or email us at [email protected] if you have questions.

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Complimentary Items

Complimentary Items

Download our Clinical Handbook, Pocket Reference Guide, and Price List.


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Clinical Tips

Clinical Tips

Clinical Tips is a wealth of clinical information prepared by Health Concerns Herbalist covering a variety of conditions, such as, allergies, diabetes, digestive disorders, and fungal infections to gynecology.

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Ask the Herbalist Articles

Ask the Herbalist Articles

Ask The Herbalist Articles is a collection of questions posed by Practitioner Professionals and personally answered by Health Concerns Herbalist.    

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Abstracts summarize some of our most pertinent newsletters. Review these summaries and for more information read the entire newsletter.

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Pinyin Reference Guide

Zuo Gui Wan /You Gui Yin

Health Concerns: Astra Essence (M)
Also known as: Restore Left Pill and Restore the Right Decoction (Bensky) 

Pinyin Reference Guide

Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan

Health Concerns: Nine Flavor Tea (M) 
Also known as: Anemarrhena, Phellodendron, and Rehmannia Pill (Bensky) 

Pinyin Reference Guide

Yu Ping Feng San

Health Concerns: Astra C (M) 
Also known as: Jade Screen Powder (Bensky) 

Pinyin Reference Guide

Yue Ju Wan

Health Concerns: Escape Restraint (M) 
Also known as: Remove Stagnation Pill 

Pinyin Reference Guide

Yi Guan Jian

Health Concerns: Fertile Garden (M)
Also known as: One Stack Fertility Formula Promoting Tabs; Linking-Decoction 

Pinyin Reference Guide

Xiao Yao Wan

Health Concerns: Woman’s Balance (M)
Also known as: Hsiao Yao Wan; Free and Easy Wanderer 

Pinyin Reference Guide

Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Wan

Health Concerns: Six Gentlemen (M)

Pinyin Reference Guide

Wu Ling San

Health Concerns:Drain Dampness (M)
Also known as: Hoelen 5

Interaction / Contraindications

Why does something that I tried in the past no longer work?

Our bodies are constantly changing, as is our health. Our health is dependent on stages of illness, stress load, climate, and diet. Therefore, these changes can affect the efficacy of whatever therapy we are using. In addition to the fluctuations of our body and environment, our bodies become accustomed to medications and supplements, including herbs that we take. This is why traditional herbalists frequently modify the herbal formula that a patient is taking. With the help of a practitioner, you can explore ways to change your life so that you can be symptom-free.


Why are there so many herbs in your products?

Herbs are best taken in combination to boost effectiveness, and to reduce possible negative reactions.


Why are Health Concerns products worth the extra money, compared with Chinese patent formulas?

First of all, if the Chinese patent formula does not have the name of a U.S. manufacturer or distributor on the label, the chances are good that it was not legally imported. Practitioners would assume liability risks if using a product that were not legal. Furthermore, as reported by the Food and Drug Branch of the California Department of Public Health, many illegally imported Chinese herbal products contain pharmaceutical drugs, artificial additives, and heavy metals such as lead or mercury. Health Concerns was the first company to formulate Chinese herbs in the U.S. for practitioners. Our products carry liability insurance and have been clinically tested for safety and purity.


Which digestive conditions are more difficult to treat?

Generally congenital diseases (conditions that run families) prove harder to treat than acquired ones. Therefore, the sooner you visit a holistic practitioner after your symptoms appear, the better the prognosis.


What studies of your supplements and ingredients have been done to provide the consumer with evidence of their safety and effectiveness?

Health Concerns formulas have been developed with attention to herbal traditions and modern scientific research. It may not be possible in every case to list scientific citations. However, these sources may help you understand more about herbs and Chinese medicine. For herbs in general, a good overview is The Encyclopedia of Popular Herbs, by the Herb Research Foundation. Chinese Herbs in the Western Clinic was written by Health Concerns founder Andrew Gaeddert to provide information about using herbs for modern patients. For those wishing to know more about traditional Chinese herbs, we recommend Chinese Herbal Medicine, Materia Medica by Bensky and Gamble.

Herbs are rarely researched in the same fashion as drugs. This is due to a variety of reasons:

  • Herbs have been used empirically for generations; some would argue that this is more scientific than some of the new drug studies
  • Governments, universities, and drug companies are not willing to fund research
  • It should be understood that herbs are meant to be used along with changes in diet and lifestyle that are more health-promoting. Studies that compare herbs, diet and lifestyle can be criticized because it is hard to determine whether it was the herbs, diet, or lifestyle changes that contributed to the results
Tips on Using Herbal Formulas

What is the best way to take herbs?

The best way to take herbs is on an empty stomach, between meals, when absorption is quicker and more direct. You can take herbs with meals, but they are absorbed less efficiently. As we tell clients in our clinic, it is best to take herbs on an empty stomach – but if you forget, it's better that you take them with meals than to not take them at all.


What do you mean by dairy products?

Dairy products include milk, cream, cheese, butter, and ice cream. Yogurt is also a dairy product, however homemade yogurt or brands which have acidophilus and probiotics ("live cultures") are frequently the most easily tolerated.


What are the drawbacks of bread?

Many types of bread contain wheat, which is a common allergen, and yeast, to which many persons are sensitive. Bread is often associated with unhealthy foods. For example, butter, mayonnaise and margarine are usually spread on bread. The first two contain excessive fat, and margarine contains trans fatty acids which should not be consumed at all. Additionally, bread is ordinarily used to make sandwiches which contain foods like cheese and luncheon meat. These are high in fat, salt, preservatives, and additives. To avoid these unhealthy foods, substitute crackers or muffins that are wheat-free for bread, and use meat that you cooked from scratch instead of luncheon meat. This is much healthier, more delicious and easier to digest than cheese and luncheon meat.

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