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Lean Tea™

Lean Tea™
16 Tea Bags

Lean Tea™ is an herbal supplement tea that promotes the function of your stomach‚ spleen‚ and kidneys while potentially relieving nausea, gas‚ and bloating. It may also boost your energy and potentially decrease your appetite. Lean Tea contains the following herbs:

Peppermint (Bo He)—promotes digestion and reduces gas‚ bloating‚ and nausea
Ginger (Gan Jiang)— supports relieving nausea and aids digestion
Loquat (Pi Pa Ye)—helps resolve phlegm
Perilla leaf (Zi Su Ye)—supports potential appetite-suppressing properties
Lophatherum leaf (Dan Zhu Ye)- helps settle stomach agitation
Eleuthero root (Pi Pa Ye)—works with peppermint to promote digestion and reduces gas‚ bloating‚ and nausea


Internal: One cup of tea, ½ hour before each meal; or anytime as a pleasant tasting substitute for sweets.
16 teabags, net wt. 1.13 oz, 5 day supply

Contraindications: Avoid taking before bedtime because of energizing and diuretic effects.

Quality Guarantee
All product ingredients go through years of careful testing and are guaranteed for purity and efficiency.


Peppermint leaf (bo he), Eleuthero root (ci wu jia), Ginger rhizome (gan jiang), Loquat leaf (pi pa ye), Perilla leaf (zi su ye), Lophatherum leaf (dan zhu ye)


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