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CordySeng™ Capsules

CordySeng™ Capsules

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Internal: Powder (50 grams): Slowly add 1/4 teaspoon of the highly concentrated herbal powder to a cup of warm water, ginger tea or green tea. Can be taken one to three times a day before or between meals as a tonic drink.
60 capsules, 486 mg: 1 capsule TID between meals.

Contraindication: Less than 1 percent of patients may notice a Ganoderma allergy, which is characterized by an itchy rash. If this occurs, discontinue.


Cordyceps fruiting body* (dong chong xia cao), Reishi fruiting body (ling zhi), Astragalus root* (huang qi), American Ginseng root* (xi yang shen), Licorice root* (gan cao), Ginger root* & natural Ginger Flavor (gan jiang); *extract

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