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Calm Spirit®, Large - Modified - Out of Stock

Calm Spirit®, Large - Modified - Out of Stock

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Internal: 2-3 capsules TID

90 capsules, 709 mg., 10-day supply
270 capsules, 709 mg., 30-day supply
Contraindications: Individuals with spleen qi deficiency should take with caution, as loose stools or diarrhea may result.


Three capsules contain: Magnesium (as buffered magnesium glycinate (27mg), Taurine (450mg), Herbs (1650mg): Biota seed (bai zi ren), Chinese Peony radix (bai shao), Dong Quai radix (dang gui), Poria sclerotium (fu shen), Polygala radix (yuan zhi), Jujube seed (suan zao ren), Ophiopogon tuber (mai men dong), Codonopsis radix (dang shen), Amber resin (hu po)

Pinyin Reference: Modified Ding Xin Wan

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