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Sixty Years in Search of Cures

Sixty Years in Search of Cures

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192 pages


North Atlantic Books; 1994


Sixty Years in Search of Cures, by one of the world's most experienced herbalists, is a recipe for a great book: one part autobiography, one part philosophy and politics, and three parts herbal medicine.

Sixty Years in Search of Cures is the autobiography of Dr. Fung Fung, who routinely saw 100-150 patients per day working in a hospital clinic. This master practitioner with experience in Canton, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and San Francisco, reveals important dietary and lifestyle habits for the general public and herbal prescriptions for the professional herbalist.

“At a time when America is focused on providing economical and effective health care for all its citizens, Chinese herbal medicine should not be ignored.”  - Richard Fong, MD

“I have been deeply influenced by Dr. Fung.  He embodies the essence of a compassionate physician and a cultured man. What shines forth in this book is his humanism and enthusiasm for life.”  - Efrem Korngold, OMD, LAc. Co-author of Between Heaven and Earth

“This book is not only about healing with Chinese herbs, but also about the practice of a prominent herbalist being impacted by war and technology during an eventful period of the twentieth century. Apart from its medical value regarding prevention and cure, this book will greatly enhance our knowledge about peoples and cultures.”  - Allen J. Chun, PhD.  Anthropology and Chinese Studies, Australian National University

“Dr. Fung has healed patients from every walk of life in Asia and America.  His book is fascinating and enjoyable to read.”  - Andrew Gaeddert, Herbalist.  Author of Chinese Herbs in the Western Clinic

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Quest for Alternative Medicine
Chapter 1: An Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chapter 2: Canton 1930-1937: Where My Medical Career Began
Chapter 3: Hong Kong 1938-1939: Temporary Shelter from War
Chapter 4: Saigon 1939-1969: Home Away from Home
Chapter 5: Hong Kong 1969-1979: Temporary Shelter Again
Chapter 6: San Francisco 1979-1994: My Permanent Home
Chapter 7: Herbal Prescriptions
Chapter 8: Prevention and Self-Help
Chapter 9: Simple Solutions to Health and Happiness



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