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Improving Your Clinical Results with Chinese Herbs Part 2 (9 PDA) (both parts 1 and 2 required)

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You must successfully complete Part I and Part II of Improving Your Clinical Results with Chinese Herbs to receive your total of 18 NCCAOM PDA Points


To gain and understand the major Chinese herbs and formulas, as well as the ancient and modern uses.


This professional-level course is primarily for those with a self-rating of beginner or intermediate experience with Chinese herbs. This class is the opportunity to receive the training you want without the cost of travel, hotel, or meal expenses. Plan your class around your daily schedule and ask questions as you think of them.


  • Improve your clinical results
  • Gain a practical understanding of when to use Chinese herbs
  • Learn about recent research and the latest advances on Chinese herbs
  • Keep up to date on the latest advances and information on Chinese herbs
  • Learn the role of TCM formulas in complementary and alternative medicine
  • Learn which American clients are most likely to benefit from herbs
  • Review current regulations and get updates on specific herbs, ma huang, and kava
  • Detailed discussion of diagnosis, signs, symptoms, tongue and pulse
  • A comparison of traditional and modern formulas
  • Earn 18 CE's upon completion of the course


  • Introduction and herbs that treat wind disorders
  • Clearing heat, draining downward, and transforming phlegm
  • Herbs that dispel wind, regulate qi, invigorate blood and stop bleeding
  • Parasites, phlegm, food stagnation, spirit herbs and formulas
  • Tonics
  • Contemporary conditions, the marketing of herbs and how they benefit your patient

Highly Recommended Reading

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica by Dan Bensky
  • Practical Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine by Tietao Deng
  • The Web That Has No Weaver by Ted Kaptchuk

9 NCCAOM PDA Points approved. This is a 2-part course. Completion of Parts 1 and 2 of this course, successfully completed test and course evaluation, along with NCCAOM worksheet if applicable, are required from participants in order to receive the total 18 Continuing Education Units/Points.

NOTE: This is a text only course. No audio recording for this course.

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