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Pinyin Reference Guide

Da Bu Yin

Health Concerns: Great Yin (H)
Also known as: Tonify Yin Pill 

Pinyin Reference Guide

Chuan Yin Lian Kang Yang Pian

Health Concerns: Clear Heat (M)
Also known as: Clear Heat and Clean Toxin 

Pinyin Reference Guide

Chuan Lian Zi

Health Concerns: GB-6

Pinyin Reference Guide

Chien Chi Tai Wan

Health Concerns: Isatis Cooling (M)

Pinyin Reference Guide

Chai Hu Xiang Fu Tang

Health Concerns: Bupleurum Entangled Qi (M)
Also known as: Modified Bupleurum and Cyprus Formulation

Pinyin Reference Guide

Chai Hu Mu Li Long Gu Wan

Health Concerns: Ease Plus (H) 
Also known as: Bupleurum and Dragon Bone Comb

Pinyin Reference Guide

Chai Hu Gui Zhi Tang

Health Concerns: Ease 2 (H)
Also known as: Bupleurum and Cinnamon Comb 

Pinyin Reference Guide

Cang Er Zi San

Health Concerns: Xanthium Relieve Surface (M)
Also known as: Xanthium Powder (Modified) (Bensky) 

Pinyin Reference Guide

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan

Health Concerns: Raise Qi (H)
Also known as: Ginseng and Astragalus

Pinyin Reference Guide

Bi Yan Pian

Health Concerns: Xanthium Relieve Surface (M)

Pinyin Reference Guide

Ba Zhen Tang

Health Concerns: Eight Treasures (M) 
Also known as: Tang-Kuei and Ginseng 8; Eight Treasures Decoction (Bensky)

Pinyin Reference Guide

Ba Zheng San

Health Concerns: Akebia Moist Heat (M) 
Also known as: Eight-Herb Powder for Rectification (Bensky)

Pinyin Reference Guide

Bao He Wan

Health Concerns: Quiet Digestion
Also known as: Curing Pills

Pinyin Reference Guide

Bai Tou Weng Tang

Health Concerns: Phellostatin, Formula H (M)
Also known as: Pulsatilla Decoction (Bensky) 

Pinyin Reference Guide

Bai He Gu Jin Tang

Health Concerns: Lily Bulb Formula (H)
Also known as: Lily Preserve Metal

Interaction / Contraindications

Are there interactions with the drugs I am taking?

Health Concerns herbs and formulas have been selected for their safety; it is extremely rare to have bad results due to taking Health Concerns formulas with drugs. However, we do recommend taking herbs and pharmaceuticals at least two hours apart. Begin taking herbs at a reduced dosage, and slowly increase over the next two to three weeks. The more medications you are on, the more we suggest seeing a health professional to monitor herb usage.


Are there any corn ingredients in the Health Concerns products?

There are no corn ingredients

Interaction / Contraindications

Aren't Chinese herbs better for Chinese and Western herbs better for Westerners?

Not necessarily. In the U.S. alone, millions have used traditional Chinese healing methods, including herbs and acupuncture, with satisfaction. Chinese herbology is more complex and difficult to learn; for practitioners to apply it successfully, they must learn an entire healing system. Therefore, it is not suitable for self-treatment. Western herbology, on the other hand, is not quite so involved, and can be used for self-treatment.


Any insight on comparing and contrasting Lily Bulb and Wise Judge?

These formulas are based on same traditional formula. Wise Judge might be a tiny bit more heat clearing. For more heat clearing and lung yin deficiency use Tremella & American Ginseng.

Items 251 - 269 of 269

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